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Profitability is firmly based on strict risk control
Kurrency Technology (kurrency.com) was registered in 2008. It is a research and development company dedicated to the development of fully automated trading systems for the foreign exchange markets. Its R&D development is based on the Metatrader (MT4) and JFOREX platform. More than 40 banks and financial organizations have adopted the MT4 as the foundations of their trading platforms. Kurrency firmly believes that these are the two most suitable platforms for the development of automated trading platforms.
Asia remains the focus of our global development efforts. We have expanded our software services to Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. We also launched the fastest trading command ordering system in mainland China, which will be an extension of our direct service, in the hope of enhancing the quality of software service to our customers. We believe Kurrency's automated trading software services will be extended beyond national boundaries, and we also believe this is the dawn of a new era in automated trading.
Cloud Computing Trading
A variety of terminals are combined into a powerful virtual supercomputer with parallel computing conducted to analyze the structure in an around-the-clock and completely automated manner so that administration and strategic trading can be carried out. The user can use a computer available anywhere to conduct account trading and position management. Combined with the advantages of fully automated trading and manual transaction management, the user can conduct trading management, which is both mobile and highly efficient. Portfolio trading strategy can be modified at any time through the website.
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Main Features of KURRENCY Neural
Create and apply neural networks: prediction, classification, function approximation, data analysis and pre-processing data anomaly detection, automatically search for the analysis of the best neural network structure, a detailed statistical analysis of performance.

Design, intelligent neural system can minimize the work required and custom. The best network architecture and experiments by using different algorithms and parameters optimization tuning mechanism. The KURRENCY Neural System is designed for research projects and network modules, all automation parameters of the network construction mechanism are customized when it need the fully control.
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Neural System improves the decision support in engineering and artificial intelligence techniques. In the past few years, KURRENCY has research development a lot of projects, it make us get the well improvement on the skills and to obtain this newest technology in nowadays; also have a wealth of experience in the market.

Using Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM), valued clients of KGILFX allow authorized to hire external manager to operate their trading account.
  • Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM)- Provide the management function for trading account to manage.
  • Provide the perfect risk management account to manage.
  • Provide the function for account management and can choose the trading strategy portfolios.
  • Provide regular transaction statements for all clients.
  • Cumulate the trading statements and the transactions statements in specific time.
  • Provide the transaction records and account balance in specific time.
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